Sunday, May 8, 2016

Welcome to MommyDoc

I am a mom of four and pediatrician who has been in practice for 15 years in the town in which I was born and raised.  MommyDoc is a blog where moms, physicians, or other health care clinicians can come to read articles about pediatric topics.  

As a mom and pediatrician, MommyDoc, is about the trials and tribulations of doing both jobs on a daily basis.  I share stories about patients (with their permission) who have taught me important life lessons, keep you up to date with new pediatric information, and share my own thoughts from time to time.  My father and I are in practice together. 

Our practice is unconventional in that we still use paper charts (meaningful use be darned) and have known many of our families for two or three generations.  I know every child and most of their parents by first name and always stop to say hello when I see them in public.  For me, pediatrics is a calling.  I love children and helping make their lives more comfortable.

I love my own children, who are often seen in the office helping comfort little ones receiving immunizations or just talking with my families.  It is a very special place to work everyday and I treasure the opportunity to continue practicing for many years to come. 

My general philosophies are that a parent knows their own child best; so always listening to them is a rule by which I live.  My goal is to have parents be more confident when they walk out of my office than when they entered. 
I hope you enjoy this journey with me.  There will be some anecdotes about my own children along the way, some opinions thrown in here and there, and parenting experience "from the trenches". 

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