Thursday, July 6, 2017

Welcome to the Kitsap Independent Physicians Group!

Happy Fourth of July!

In the Kitsap Sun, today, is this

example of the solidarity amongst medical professionals in ONE small community. Please share far and wide. I am so very proud to be amongst this group of diverse medical professionals, who collectively are fighting for a future which values the physician-patient relationship above all else.


On this Fourth of July 2017, we, the undersigned independen...t physicians in Kitsap County, solemnly pledge that we will continue to provide the highest quality medical care to our patients through its purest, most original form -- the small private medical office. We hold sacred the one to one relationships we have with our patients. Our allegiance is to you, the individual patient, is unwavering. We commit ourselves to continuing to strive to place you, our patients, at the heart of all that we do. 


Silverdale Pediatrics, LLP
Niran S. Al-Agba, MD,
Saad K. Al-Agba, MD

Achieve Eye and Laser Specialists
Dana Jungschaffer, MD,
Martha Motuz Leen, MD
Deanne Nakamoto, MD,
Todd Zwickey, MD

Bainbridge Anesthesia Associates
Blake E. Reiter, MD,
Carol Wiley, MD

Bainbridge Skin Surgery and Consultative Dermatology
Dr. Whitaker

Cole Aesthetic Center
Eric Cole, MD

Dr. Gillian G Esser
Gillian Esser, MD,

InHealth Imaging
Manfred Henne, MD

Kitsap General Surgery
Kristen Guenterberg, MD,
Tom Wixted, MD

Kitsap Podiatry
Paul Aufderheide, DPM,

Paul Kremer, MD

Member Plus Family Health
Blain Crandell, MD,
Viola Medina, ARNP

Michael Metzman, MD,

Pacifica Medicine & Wellness
Andrea Chymiy, MD
Marie Matty, MD,

Peninsula Cancer Center
Heath Foxlee, MD
R. Alex Hsi, MD,
Berit Madsen, MD
Aaorn Sabolch, MD,

Retina Center Nw David Spinak, MD

Sheila C Lally,DO Sheila Lally, DO

Silverdale Eye MDs
Glen Rico, MD

Sound Family Health
Charles Power, MD,
Brad Andersen, MD
Teresa Andersen, MD,
Mark Hoffman, MD

The Manette Clinic
Alisa Blitz-Siebert, MD,
Bill Minteer, DO
Tanya Spoon, DNP,
Kristen Childress, DNP
Teri Scott, ARNP,

Vintage Direct Primary Care Peter Lehmann, MD

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  1. That's the great American spirit! It's time that physicians who stand up for their patients got much more respect. I applaud everything you all are doing!